lux is a new Unix-like operating written for the PC, aiming for high performance with minimal requirements.

The kernel has been written from scratch mostly in C. lux aims to implement a hybrid kernel design, combining features of both monolithic kernels and microkernels, with some drivers running in kernel mode and other drivers running in user mode.

lux is still under very early development. The most interesting thing you might see here is lai, the Lux ACPI Implementation, a home-brewed ACPI implementation that is portable and OS-independent, yet is lightweight, unlike ACPICA which is horribly bloated.

This is free and open-source software, licensed under the MIT license. Bottom line is anyone can do anything they want, as long as I get credit for the original software.



Contact me by email at I am also user omarrx024 on the OSDev Forum.

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